Nailed It

80's Throw back nail swagger from 1 of my favorite r&b artist.

I am lovin the nail trends right now !

It’s all about the greens, blues,blue greens,nudes,greys !

It’s a challenge for me trying to rock the various nail trends all the time. I do a lot of stuff with my hands. They chip. My nails are always in water,which can shorten the life of a manicure. When I was younger (not that I’m old now) I was big into acrylic nails. Now I just like a simple manicure with my own nails.You have to be patient to achieve a good manicure. Wait until the polish is thoroughly dry before you handle anything. The average wait time is about 45 minutes once done you could opt to dip you nails in cold water. Also apply a topcoat every other day to avoid premature nail chipping.

Smoke & Mirrors

A lot of work goes into a photo shoot. . . . Long hours,constant primping of wind blown hair,too cold or too hot weather,taping model’s boobs lol. A lot of unglamorous things sometimes go on behind the scenes lol ! Cellulite, wrinkles, love handles, all get retouched.

The two beautiful ladies that I had the pleasure working on last month needed very little help behind the scenes. Check out the amazing transformations !

What beautiful skin ! No matter how cute you are good skin is a must !! Make up can do but so much !


Great Skin Cheat Sheet

  • Use a light, creamy foundation for under eyes. Thicker formulas (that you apply with a brush) are best for spots and blemishes.
    • Make sure it matches your foundation exactly. A shade a smidgen lighter is okay for around the eye area.
    • Less is best: build up coverage with your brush in light layers.
    • Powder is essential if you want your concealer to stay put.

    Beautiful, thick, shiny hair ! Essential fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids, play a key role in skin, hair, and nails. You should eat some of these foods every day.

    Tips For Great Hair

  • No matter what your hair type, GOOD NUTRITION GOES A LONG WAY ! Don’t depend on expensive products all the time !
  • Protein is critical for keeping hair healthy, but many people don’t get enough. Lean meat like fish, chicken, eggs, and soy products are good sources of protein; eat one serving every day.

Gettin Some

“Get Some Business About Ya Self”, is the new ghetto phrase of facebook lol!Before everybody was venting suggestions & philosophies about haters & drama lol. Now people with no business are experts on how others can get some lol ?!Well being a busy body on facebook all day sure doesn’t show me that you have anything going on yourself.

There are so many resources that are available today that our parents & grandparents did not have. Now a days anybody can start a business. So don’t think its above your head. I am not perfect. I am still learning. So here are simple tips that I suggest.

Warning! This is REAL advice from a degree-less business woman lol !


Grants are far few & in between. Don’t depend on the possibility of getting a grant for your business. Non profits are the only businesses that I know of that actually get them. You can do your own research. But from my personal experience, I tried & it was a lot of paperwork & no real guarantees. Loans are a lil easier to get. Depending on where you go to get one & If you have decent credit. If you get denied don’t despair. Cleaning up your credit is not that bad. It will take you some time & of course MONEY. But it can be done. I would call . They will give you the financial guidance that you need! Also, remember you have to pay back that loan lol !


No matter what business you are trying to start,you need customers! Don’t wait until you finish school or actually start your business to build your clientele. As a hair stylist, I started scouting people when I was in school ! I went to the local copier place & made my own flyers & business cards. I put them on people’s cars & even purchased a newspaper ad. I bought all of my hair supplies & equipment from the beauty supply store. I wasn’t playin lol ! I did hair in my apartment for 2 years until I got my apprentice license in the mail. When you first start a business its ROUGH! You go into debt & have to sacrifice. So start getting the word out to people EARLY!

Oh, and please let me express to you how crazy folk will look at you lol !! When you are just scraping by & not at the level you want to be. You will get mocked & criticized but remember rome was not built in a day! And you don’t have to please everybody to be a success,but that should be your aim. If you miss the mark with a few folks just be polite & professional. Keep it moving. There are plenty of people who will come along to be a blessing to your business.


Cling to people who are where you hope to be & study them. Also as I said earlier, utilize your resources. The internet taught me everything about how to market my business. I do not have a business degree. I did not have the money to get my website designed. So I googled it & did it myself. I also follow other business people on twitter & befriend them on facebook. Use the internet to gain knowledge about your craft & connect with other professionals. Resist the temptation to spend time being nosey on facebook. Prying into old classmates lives (or the life they want you to believe they have lol).

Now that’s gettin some business about ya self !


Eventually I do plan to go back to school for business.

Its A Mans World

I read a lot of people’s beauty blogs & articles. From to Curly Nikki. I have yet to spot a blog addressing the grooming needs of the men. I’m sure they read blogs too lol !

Just like women have their beauty routine men must have their grooming routine.

I have dated  very few men with long hair. I’m not a big fan of braids or locks.I personally prefer a man who is clean cut . .

No matter what race he is. I love fades,ceasar cuts,buzz cuts,even bald heads.

BUT that’s just me lol .

The hair routine for each man will  differ, depending on the hair texture and chosen hair style. Black men need to maintain the moisture in their hair. Shampooing/conditioning once a week, then washing the hair with a conditioner twice a week (also called co washing) is a good routine. For example: Shampoo/condition your hair Thursday morning while in the shower then get a haircut or shape-up later that evening. Wash your hair with a conditioner Sunday and once again on Tuesday. (If you’re maintaining a certain hairstyle, like if you’re trying to process your waves for the first time then you may want to wait a week and half between washes until your waves process).

I’m open to pretty much anything with facial hair. I’m okay with beards, as long as its kept kinda neat.Women change up their looks with new hair dos while most men stick to short easy-to maintain hairstyles, but men do use the hair on their faces to get new looks.

Sometimes though,men grow beards to cover up razor bumps.

  • Use a hot cloth on your face prior to shaving (or a hot shower) to open up your pores and splash with cold water afterward to tighten them up.
  • Shave in the direction of hair growth. While shaving upward seems to give a closer shave, shaving in the hair’s direction reduces irritation and the likelihood of hairs growing back into the skin. Don’t pull skin taut when shaving since this can also cause ingrown hairs to form.
  • Follow a shave with an after-shave solution that contains hydrating ingredients like aloe, witch hazel and tea tree extract like Post-Shave Repair to cut down on redness and discomfort. Stay away from products that contain alcohol since this can dry skin out and provoke an ashy appearance in black skin.

Prom Pretty

Prom time is a very special & exciting occasion for teen girls. I think weddings are the more grown up girls version of a prom lol . These two occasions are when us females get to indulge in our “girliness”! But sometimes things don’t go as perfectly as planned. Here are some beauty blunders to avoid. . . .


All that excitement & stress can affect your skin.The last thing you want is for a blemish to become dry and flaky; it’ll be harder to cover up because it will look too textured. If you have a blemish, use a blemish cover stick so you don’t have to use makeup where it is not necessary.

Any formal event definitely calls for glam eyes ! Trying to apply eyelash glue onto a superthin lash strip can quickly turn into a hot gloppy mess! Apply a thin line of glue & count to 10 while fanning the lash. this will allow the glue to become tacky & adhere better. Pre-glued lashes are also great to use.
When it comes to any formal occasion, an updo or a semi updo is the best bet.
Very rarely do you see hair being worn down. Stash a couple of  bobby pins into your purse just in case hair falls out-of-place. Also pack a travel-size brush and hairspray .
If you’re on a budget & doing your own hair, don’t forget the old adage that practice  makes perfect. Rehearse before hand !

Big Forehead Beauties

Do you have a big forehead?

Does it make you feel insecure?

A high  or big forehead is actually considered attractive in some cultures. Some of the most popular supermodels have a big forehead. Having a high forehead definitely does not certify you as unattractive!

Great Hairstyles To Try:

  • Layered hairstyles
  • Side-Parted Up dos
  • Side Swept /bangs

Smooth Around The Edges

As black women we have so many challenges when it comes to our hair. One of the leading challenges are thinning edges.

There are so many products out now that promise to thicken edges. Some people will notice a big difference & some may not. The hairline is a very fragile area. From the way you wear your hair to chemical processing. Scarves can compromise the hairline as well. If you’re experiencing breakage here’s some tips that may help:

Use pomades & waxes as opposed to gels. I think they hold a lot better & they do not flake or get hard. Waxes & pomades may come in a small jar or in a stick (sorta like deodorant).
Moisturize and condition ! Massage A, D & E oil around the hairline .
Loosen up on tight styles! Tight styling that places stress on the hairline such as ponytails, topknots and braids can lead to traction alopecia.
If you perm/relax your hair,use a weaker strength. Very few people actually need a super perm. Also, apply relaxer to your edges LAST so you won’t over process them.